June 25, 2022

Odutayo Abiodun Iwogbe shines as APC conducts Delegates Congress


IThe Frontline Aspirant in Ijebu North State Constituency II, Odutayo Abiodun Iwogbe yesterday was the cynosure of APC delegates Congress yesterday as he triumphantly stepped in to the Congress venue.


Iwogbe a card carrying member of Ward 07; Oru-Awa-Ilaporu, commended the party members for exercising their rights in a civil and transparent manner. He noted that Ward 07 party members has always been a pace setter especially with the caliber of leaders it possess.


“I can tell you, our Ward, again as demonstrated our high level of civility. As you can see, the Congress went peacefully without an iota of rancour or crises, this is made possible through our indefatigable leaders who has always ensured harmony is our hallmark and virtue”, he said.



While responding to questions on his chances to clinch the party’s ticket, Iwogbe assured that his strength is in the leaders and delegates of his Constituency who has convinced him in words and deeds that they are for him, and most importantly seeing him as qualified, armed with the needed dexterity and political sagacity to win elections for the party during the general elections.


He alluded that zoning favours him when asked if he is considering the zoning arrangements. He noted that historically and right from the first legislature when Mr S.O Adesegun (Oct. 1979-Oct. 1983) down to the present ninth legislature (Hon Oludare Kadiri Maba), the leaders are aware how the Constituency has been producing their representatives.


He however express his delight over the rousing welcome accorded him by his Ward, assuring that, he will never betray the love and love they have for him.